May 2016

"i love you," said Wolf to Rabbit

he was smiling full in her face,

not knowing it meant so many teeth,

not knowing joy can be frightening.

"i love you," said Rabbit to Wolf

but so quietly it didn’t escape,

went out as a shadow whisper,

Rabbit not yet ready to be brave.

they curled clockwise on the couch

as Wolf brushed out Rabbit’s hair

gentle as a cherry blossom breeze.

Rabbit boxed Wolf’s shoulder hard

and threw Wolf on the wooden floor,

a warning of her tender strength.

when they kissed,

both used teeth.

Wolf grabbed the nape of Rabbit’s neck

as they went walking close in the dark.

as Wolf got Rabbit lost,

he learned her language

until they found each other 

inside of invented words.

the full moon made a crown for Rabbit,

and Wolf bowed his head as he offered to dance.

when they slept,

their noses touched.

in the morning, Rabbit punched

Wolf with a pillow, and jumped

straight into the air.

Wolf woke wide eyed and jumped

on the bed, bouncing too,

blaming gravity

for the falling.

"i love you," said Rabbit to Wolf

she was smiling full in her face

knowing that joy can be daunting,

but that she was born to be brave.

"i love you," said Wolf to Rabbit

so loud the sounds darted escape

and went to decorate the sun

but Wolf was not ready to leave.